Cullen Construction, Inc. is a green custom homebuilder and remodeling contractor in California's
beautiful San Luis Obispo County, with nearly 20 years of knowledge and experience
in environmentally friendly design and construction.

Frank Cullen


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Project Manager

Who are we?

We are a green custom homebuilder and remodeling contractor in San Luis Obispo, California. Founder, Owner, and President Frank Cullen built his first straw bale home in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1995. He has been committed to green building and alternative construction ever since and is a founding member of SLO Green Build. Frank's depth of experience, integrity, and collaborative approach have earned Cullen Construction recognition as one of the top Green Building firms on the Central Coast of California.

What do we do?

We create healthy, sustainable, beautiful homes along the Central Coast, with projects from Santa Barbara to Monterey counties. In each home development, we take special care of our clients by considering their personal wants and needs and by combining strong practical construction knowledge with graceful design. Working closely with both our clients and our architects, we provide on-site management and support during each phase of construction. Our builders have experience in ground-up projects using Pise' (rammed earth walls), ICF (Insulating Concrete Forms) and straw bale, as well as advanced framing techniques in conventional stick-frame construction. In the last few years, homeowners have been asking for more environmentally sound building products in their homes to help with indoor air quality as well as reduce their carbon footprint. The building industry has responded with countless new products. Here at Cullen Construction we have the experience, expertise and passion to research and utilize the best products and practices available in the green building industry.

What makes us GREEN?

Green building may be defined as the effort to develop energy-efficient, healthy and environmentally responsible buildings. As a means to this end, we apply our green ethic to every phase of our buildings' construction and operation. In each of these phases, we focus on sustainability, energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and waste reduction.

What is the future of GREEN design in SLO County?

In San Luis Obispo County, Green Building is part of the vision and general plan for the future. With help from groups such as SLO Green Build, the public is becoming more educated to the benefits and economics of Green Buildings. As the demand for Green Building grows, these standards are becoming commonplace and to some extent mandatory. The University of California System has already made a commitment that all newly constructed buildings will achieve a LEED-NC (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Silver Certification level and outperform California's Title 24 energy code by at least 20 percent. There are many systems and organizations in place that rate the "green" elements in a project, such as LEED and the U.S.G.B.C.(US Green Building Council) Locally we have the green building checklist and peer review programs for helping building professionals and clients educate themselves in Green.


The lucky 4 GREEN reasons why:

  1. #1 LuckyGreen Healthy
  2. #2 LuckyGreen Energy-Efficient
  3. #3 LuckyGreen Beautiful
  4. #4 LuckyGreen Sustainable

#1 Healthy

The Central Coast of California, where the land meets the Pacific Ocean, has many microclimates that produce a variety of allergens. Many people suffer the ill effects of this diverse ecosystem, such as itchy eyes, shortness of breath, sneezing and other allergy symptoms. Even with these adversities, this is one of the most beautiful places to live in the nation. Our goal is to build homes here that provide safe, healthy environments in which individuals and families can grow and thrive.

We take care in each phase of the building process to reduce or remove any products or procedures that could produce adverse health effects. This mitigates the presence of indoor toxins or allergens that might hinder our clients and their loved ones. Many of our passive solar designed homes require little or no air conditioning. Radiant floor heating systems reduce airborne allergens found with forced air heating and cooling units. In addition to the health benefits of improved indoor air quality, the radiant floor heating eliminates unwanted noise, drafty airflows and inconsistencies in temperature often associated with forced air and cooling. The result is a high level of comfort, a feeling of ease and well-being, which is what makes a happy, healthy home.

We do our best to provide proper consideration of all elements in each beautiful home project. We want our clients to thoroughly enjoy each moment and memory spent in our designs, so we care for every home as if it were our own.

We only use:

  • VOC-free paint and varnishes
  • Formaldehyde-free Insulation
  • Formaldehyde-free Cabinetry

#2 Energy-Efficient

Living on the Central Coast, we're spoiled with year-round blue skies and bright sunlight. With new construction projects we incorporate passive solar design techniques to maximize the thermal comfort of your home. Using today's technology, we're able to take that shining sunlight and convert those amazing blue skies into electricity. Solar power uses nothing but the power of the sun as its fuel. At Cullen Construction, we believe in renewable energy in our homes and thus implement solar-panel systems. This process of collecting energy from sunlight does not create harmful emissions or pollutants and provides clean and renewable energy to our clients.

#3 Beautiful

We build every home with a respect for all the beauty that is provided by nature. Building is an art. Each Cullen Construction structure is built with care, precision and love, so that it will provide the space and conditions for its owners to live, grow and call home for years to come. All of our creations are engineered and constructed with mindful concern for the natural environment, landscape, and neighborhood we inhabit. Our buildings reflect the strength, integrity, elegance, and spirit of the earth, which has always been the inspiration for time honored design and artisanal craftsmanship.

#4 Sustainable

Green building has recently become fashionable, but the idea of sustainability has a long history. The current revolution in green design incorporates many different styles and trends. At Cullen Construction, we build our custom green homes to be timeless and traditional. We believe that sustainability in the building industry must take into account a variety of elements to build a strong foundation for the future. In essence, sustainability for us is the efficient use of all resources, including raw material, human effort, energy consumption and economic assets.

Who is Frank?

Frank Cullen is the owner of Cullen Construction. He was born and raised in New England but ventured west in the late 90's. Frank spent time living in New Mexico where he fell in love with building, learning the fundamentals — including using green building techniques such as straw bale and rammed earth.

He moved to the Central Coast after meeting the love of his life, Kirsten, in 1997. He has gained much experience locally with several Green Builders and Architects since then, branching out on his own and enjoying having the opportunity to share his love of building with his own clients.

Frank and Kirsten married in 2005 and have two beautiful children. Frank is a loyal Red Sox and New England Patriots fan and can be found combing the beach with his family, camping with his friends, or working on perfecting his own home.

Frank Cullen

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